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Construction Sites

Buildings under construction or renovation are vulnerable to arson. Accumulation of waste, ordinary combustibles, limited access, minimal water supplies, and hazardous operations increase the challenge.

Arson has become an increasingly common form of property damage and poses a severe threat to both lives and material possessions. This horrible act involves deliberately setting fires, which can cause extensive damage to homes and properties and result in injuries, or even fatal outcomes. While we may not be able to prevent the malicious intentions of arsonists, homeowners can take precautionary measures to safeguard their homes against these risks. There are various ways to minimize the risk of fires, such as installing fire alarms and sprinkler systems to detect and extinguish fires, and making sure that flammable items are correctly stored. Prevention is key, and on this page, we offer comprehensive guidelines to help homeowners take practical and effective measures to reduce the risks of arson and limit the damage. By taking proactive steps, homeowners can secure the safety of their homes and ensure the welfare of their loved ones by preventing disasters from happening.

Construction Sites

Things to Remember

    • If there has been negative press about the project, remind workers to be vigilant on the job site.
    • Make unannounced inspections to assess the project, activities, and the job site.
    • Perform site planning and preplanning throughout the building process.
    • Invite surrounding fire departments/companies to assist in the pre-fire plan.
    • Take photos of anything you believe is a potential hazard and inform the job site manager.
    • Store solvents, fuels, and tools in a locked storage container or remove them from the job site when you are not using them.
    • Request additional patrols or drive-bys from your local law enforcement.
    • Remove trash and debris from the job site.
    • Try not to store excess materials on the job site.
    • Secure doors and windows on structures when crews are not actively working on the property.
    • Awareness is essential. Become familiar with activities in your neighborhood and report odd or suspicious activities to your local law enforcement.
construction sites

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