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Arson and Youth Firesetting

Hale Fire Protection District can help our communities reduce the occurrence of arson and reduce its devastating effect by making residents aware of measures to safeguard their homes, buildings, and property.

Arson is an extremely detrimental and grievous offense that not only results in the destruction of structures and assets, but also sacrifices priceless human lives, leaving an entire neighborhood or town crippled and helpless. The dire consequences of arson go far beyond the mere physical damage of property – after an arson incident, the aftermath is a devastating blend of heightened insurance premiums, decreased business revenue, devaluation of homes and properties, and an overall negative financial impact on the community. The economic fallout can be considerable as a community struggles to rebuild, and business owners strive to regain lost customers and confidence. Worst of all, arson can leave deep-seated emotional scars that may last a lifetime for individuals and families who are directly impacted by the crime. To combat arson crimes, fire safety education with emphasis on prevention should be paramount alongside prompt reporting of any suspicious activities to authorities.

Curiosity is a natural part of childhood development, and it’s not uncommon for children to be fascinated by fire. However, playing with fire can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening. As a helpful assistant, it’s important to inform parents and caregivers about ways they can prevent children from experimenting with fire. First and foremost, adults should supervise and monitor children around fire and flammable objects. It’s also important to teach children about the dangers of fire and the importance of never playing with matches, lighters, or other sources of flame. Storing lighters and matches in a secure location out of reach from children can also prevent dangerous accidents. Role-playing fire safety scenarios and practicing fire drills as a family can help prepare children for emergency situations. By taking these precautions and educating children about fire safety, parents and caregivers can help prevent unnecessary injuries and harm.

Arson and Youth Firesetting


Protect Homes

Make homeowners and property owners aware of measures they can take to safeguard their homes and property.
construction site

Construction Sites

Actions that first responders, inspectors, contractors and community members can take to protect construction sites from arson.

Houses of Worship

Steps that congregation members can take to keep their church, mosque, synagogue, temple or chapel safe from arson.

Vacant Buildings

Review this page for actions communities can take to reduce arson in vacant and abandoned buildings and associated firefighter injuries.

Youth Firesetting

Resources for fire departments and messages to share with parents and caregivers to prevent children from experimenting with fire.
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