We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community we serve. As an integral part of our commitment, we have developed a range of administrative templates designed to streamline our operations and enhance our emergency response capabilities. Administrative Within this webpage, you will find a collection of essential templates that support our […]

kids playing

Kids & Fire Safety

Teaching kids about fire safety and prevention cannot be emphasized enough as it plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and well-being. Kids & Fire Safety The threat of fire looms large as it can be dangerous and destructive, not only causing significant harm to property but, much more importantly, endangering lives. Amongst those […]

active firefighter

Active Firefighter & EMR

“Firemen never know what they will encounter on each call but proceed with the same level of commitment and service.”  – Byron Pulsifer Hale Fire Department Members Chief Nicholas Wilson 405 Emergency Medical Responder Firefighter Assistant Chief Randy Coopman 465 Firefighter Captain Darin Mattox 408 Emergency Medical Responder Firefighter EMR Captain Ethan Ralls 420 Emergency […]

Hale fire


The Hale Fire Protection District is the emergency services provider serving the Northeastern Carroll County and Southeastern Livingston County communities in coordination with other local, state, and federal officials. Welcome to Hale Fire Protection District With a dedicated team of trained firefighters and emergency medical responders, the district is equipped to handle a wide range […]

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